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Anedra Small, Cake Artist.



Born and raised in Miami, FL, Anedra is no stranger to cakes. In fact, Velvet Rose Cake Boutique is Small’s way of paying homage to her mother, Rose. As a young girl, she witnessed her mother spend countless hours baking for coworkers, neighbors, family, and friends. So much so, this hobby quickly turned into a business and it called for Anedra’s involuntary services. While her mother would have three mixers going, Anedra was responsible for shredding carrots what seemed like tons of carrot cakes (at that time), cracking pecans with a hammer for her most requested flavor, red velvet, and serving in any other capacity “mommy” deemed necessary. She hated it! For the longest, Anedra refused to do anything with cakes. Until she moved to Tallahassee, FL to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre. The first job she landed in the capital city was at Publix… in the bakery. God certainly had a sense of humor! Though she learned the basics for decorating, still, she refused to have anything to do with cakes.
After pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Florida and finishing an acting gig in New York, she returned to Tallahassee, FL to take a position as a theatre teacher. While planning her wedding, Anedra decided to turn to the very thing she attempted to stay away from… cakes. Out of desperation and the desire to have the wedding of her dreams, she decided to bake for supplemental income. Suddenly it became a desire. The more requests she received, the more she toyed with the idea turning this hobby into a business. ten years later, as a full-time Associate Professor of Theatre, Anedra makes time to create beautiful and tasty confectionary goods for her growing clientele. Just as life is a full circle, Anedra bakes and creates with the heart of mother in mind. With a humble spirit, blessed hands, and a consistent sprinkling and spread of love, Velvet Rose Cake Boutique is an extension of her mother Rose and her most notable specialty cake, red velvet.

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